Chiropractic Care For The Equestrian

By Dr. Lori Carrol, Elixer Wellness Collective

Central Oregon provides endless riding opportunities for every type of equestrian. Regardless of the type of riding you enjoy, over time the ever shifting weight distribution your body experiences as your horse transitions from trot, canter and gallop can take a toll on your skeletal alignment and joint health. Regularly riding and taking care of a horse also comes with risks of injury. 

Whether you’re mucking out the stable, cleaning your horses hooves, lifting heavy hay bales and grain bags or getting bucked off, there are frequent opportunities for your body to be compromised.

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People that have heard of endurance sometimes think it just means “let your horse go as fast as you want.” The truth is, it’s much more about management of your horse, including its speed. If you enjoy trail riding, but find yourself trotting more than walking, and really enjoy learning more about your horse and its needs, you should try endurance! True endurance mileage is 50 miles or more in a single day, up to 100 miles, but our local rides have “limited distance” rides of 25-30 miles and training rides of 10-15 miles at each event as well. 

There is a maximum time limit (12 hours for 50 miles, 24 for 100), and there are standings, so technically it’s a race, but most endurance riders consider the main race to be themselves and their horse against the clock, the conditions, and the horse’s previous records. 

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An unfortunate reality this summer is forest fire smoke. Ugh! Here in Central Oregon we have had more than our fair share of smoke over the last few days. I woke up last night with a dry throat and scratchy eyes and I bet our livestock are feeling it too. Here are a few tips and articles that might provide some helpful hints and peace of mind while we deal with the realities of a smoky fire season!

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Meet our newest edition to the Ranch -  Karahty's Bezt Kopy, otherwise know as Zip. The other day I woke up from my lawn chair at 4:37 AM just in time to see this little guy taking in the world around him for the very first time. This little foal has been a long time dream for us because his daddy, Karbon, is part of my husband's family legacy. Our amazing cousin has raised and campaigned these bloodlines and they are some of the finest bloodlines in Endurance. It's finally our turn to carry on a family tradition of beautiful and athletic Arabian horses.

It wasn't long before the news spread in the house that morning and out came my nephew and Lance at 4:40 AM rubbing there eyes and yawning while watching Zip stand up for the first time and eat. By 6:00 AM most of the family was there enjoying their coffee and gushing about how strong and healthy our foal was. Mornings like this remind me how lucky we are to enjoy this amazing place and all the gifts it has to offer.  

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One of our favorite horse camps, especially in the Spring, is Cyrus Horse camp. It's situated near Lone Pine or off the Madras highway. It's fairly easy to get to with lots of great trails and big vistas and sunshine. Kim McCarrel writes about many of the local trails and camps and her books are a fabulous edition to any trail rider's library or saddle bag. Her website is also a great place to collect information.  Here is a link to her review of this great horse camp:

Cyrus Horse Camp


When people hear about how long we have lived in Bend they always say "Wow, I bet you've seen some changes?" Boy, have we! We've been here for the ups and downs. I remember once when Northwest Crossing was new someone said "who would want to so far from town in that neighborhood?" I think about that statement now and then when driving through, what is now, a beautiful large neighborhood with restaurants, parks, businesses. Now it's just considered part of the extended west side.

Here is a link to another article that talks about Bend's growth. Those of us that have been here awhile are always happy to see our little town thrive but hope we never lose the friendly vibe that attracted us in the first place.  So far, so good!

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