Bend - The Nation's 6th Fastest Growing City

When people hear about how long we have lived in Bend they always say "Wow, I bet you've seen some changes?" Boy, have we! We've been here for the ups and downs. I remember once when Northwest Crossing was new someone said "who would want to so far from town in that neighborhood?" I think about that statement now and then when driving through, what is now, a beautiful large neighborhood with restaurants, parks, businesses. Now it's just considered part of the extended west side.

Here is a link to another article that talks about Bend's growth. Those of us that have been here awhile are always happy to see our little town thrive but hope we never lose the friendly vibe that attracted us in the first place.  So far, so good!

974 NW Riverside Blvd. 
Bend, Oregon 97703

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