Chiropractic Care For The Equestrian

By Dr. Lori Carrol, Elixer Wellness Collective

Central Oregon provides endless riding opportunities for every type of equestrian. Regardless of the type of riding you enjoy, over time the ever shifting weight distribution your body experiences as your horse transitions from trot, canter and gallop can take a toll on your skeletal alignment and joint health. Regularly riding and taking care of a horse also comes with risks of injury. 

Whether you’re mucking out the stable, cleaning your horses hooves, lifting heavy hay bales and grain bags or getting bucked off, there are frequent opportunities for your body to be compromised.

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People that have heard of endurance sometimes think it just means “let your horse go as fast as you want.” The truth is, it’s much more about management of your horse, including its speed. If you enjoy trail riding, but find yourself trotting more than walking, and really enjoy learning more about your horse and its needs, you should try endurance! True endurance mileage is 50 miles or more in a single day, up to 100 miles, but our local rides have “limited distance” rides of 25-30 miles and training rides of 10-15 miles at each event as well. 

There is a maximum time limit (12 hours for 50 miles, 24 for 100), and there are standings, so technically it’s a race, but most endurance riders consider the main race to be themselves and their horse against the clock, the conditions, and the horse’s previous records. 

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Here is a great Central Oregon ranch property, in desirable Powell Butte, that has everything and more. A great facility, plenty of room for livestock and room to roam. Here are the details:

Powell Butte Ranch 118+/- acres of land and 111+/- acres of water. Single level 3 bed 3 bath plus 2 bonus rooms @ 2650 +/- sq. ft. Barn 1840 sq. ft., indoor arena 6480 +/- sq. ft. Two hay covers. Home has granite counters, soaking tub in master. Currently leased for cattle, sheep & hay productions. Centrally located 27 miles to Bend, 14 miles to Redmond & 9 miles to Prineville. Fine dining at Brasada 14 miles & 20 minutes or Pronghorn 30 miles & 45 minutes. Rental/caretakers home 2 beds 1 bath on property. 

Listing courtesy of Susan M. Agli of Coldwell Banker Morris Real Estate

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Here is a subject that comes up quite often... I have talked to a couple of folks this week that have had their property listed as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO). For whatever reason they're resistant to paying a commision to a real estate agent. Maybe they don't then we work that hard or maybe they had a bad experience with a prior agent.

On some level I actually understand their resistance to paying a commision. I love saving money and I am, and always will be, a DIY kind of girl.  But, in advertising I worked with clients all the time that wanted to use the logo they designed on their computer, or that had "interesting" ideas about what their campaign should look like. Occasioanlly they'd have a great idea, but 9 times out of 10 I'd have to come up with some diplomatic way to explain why we could do better, or what might be more effective for them. Anyway -  that experience taught me a lot about hiring a professional, someone that works hard, that's smart and someone you can trust and then getting out of their way.

There are statistics that paint a pretty compelling picture about why you should use an agent. For instance:

  • The average FSBO home sold for $184,000 while the average agent-assisted home sale was $230,000. This means that an agent-assisted home sale can get you a 25% larger profit. Assuming you paid a 6% agent commission on a $235,000 home, or $14,100, you would still come out $36,900 ahead! Looks like a win for everybody.
  • Yard signs are great but only 10% of sellers find their property via yard signs.
  • Nearlt 90% of homes in the US are sold via a real estate agent -  just 8% via FSBO.

Also preparing all of the legal forms, disclosures etc. is your responsibility, and if you’re unfamiliar with the guidelines and requirements, which most people are, you are under a larger financial and legal liability.

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