One of our favorite horse camps, especially in the Spring, is Cyrus Horse camp. It's situated near Lone Pine or off the Madras highway. It's fairly easy to get to with lots of great trails and big vistas and sunshine. Kim McCarrel writes about many of the local trails and camps and her books are a fabulous edition to any trail rider's library or saddle bag. Her website is also a great place to collect information.  Here is a link to her review of this great horse camp:

Cyrus Horse Camp


As you consider your real estate transactions here in Central Oregon -  here are some excellent statistics that cover the most recent marketing trends.  These tables are broken down by area, property size and many other metrics.

Let me know if you have any questions about how to decipher this information or would like to discuss it in detail.

Click here for the JUNE 2017 Market Trend report



When people hear about how long we have lived in Bend they always say "Wow, I bet you've seen some changes?" Boy, have we! We've been here for the ups and downs. I remember once when Northwest Crossing was new someone said "who would want to so far from town in that neighborhood?" I think about that statement now and then when driving through, what is now, a beautiful large neighborhood with restaurants, parks, businesses. Now it's just considered part of the extended west side.

Here is a link to another article that talks about Bend's growth. Those of us that have been here awhile are always happy to see our little town thrive but hope we never lose the friendly vibe that attracted us in the first place.  So far, so good!

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